These tinplate cap patterns wall ornaments contain five styles of designs Estimating the ..
HK$653 HK$588

The woodcarving texture imitation is detailed and the hand-painted colors are also similar to a real..

Artificial fading of colors create a vintage styleEnvironmentally-friendly materials that can be pla..

The painting is made with Wooden MDFHeavy antiqued work is done to produce the vintage feelingThe..

Contains two colors, ivory white and olive green for selection  With vintage carving..

Black and white colors are easy to match with different occasions Nordic style is differe..

Full of natural and countryside sensationCan be a decoration or a giftSuperb pattern carving on m..

A total of three jars in a setCombination of eastern and western culturesNovel design with unique..
HK$1,886 HK$1,698

Birds pattern on the birdcage to make it more lively 3 levels of shelves for placin..

The birds and butterfly patterns are lively and vitalWith elegant blue and wavy edge which create a ..

Warm and lovely cats made by high quality ironCareful antiqued work prevents from color wearing offW..

Using wood that is anti-moisture, anti-corrosion and anti-moth The calendar is fixe..

Purely handmade product with original wooden traces There are three hooks on the ru..

The wooden board is made with MDF material with antiqued work on it Creative hook s..

With yellowed floral pattern frame which brings out feeling of fresh springAntiqued effects are inte..
HK$1,896 HK$1,706

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