Using dumb oil painting to make the color more comfortable to look at Interesting c..

With yellowed floral pattern frame which brings out feeling of fresh springAntiqued effects are inte..
HK$1,896 HK$1,706

Mediterranean Style lighthouse is painted to stimulate oceanic feeling The material..

Colorful jar painting with golden edges to sublimate elegant feeling Flower and bird draw..

The legs are made with iron and gives out an elegant feeling Uneven hand painting i..

Three-dimensional patterns and printing of words Deliberately antiqued work to make the rusting..

With several handcrafted antiqued steps such as varnishing, polishing for the natural effectsUnique..
HK$1,576 HK$1,183

Uneven coloring is normal in ceramics productThe patterns on bird and flower echo with each other to..

Telephone line is produced with high-quality resin Only function as traditional tel..

Contains a small suitcase and a luggage in a set Provide three different sizes for selection ..
HK$2,663 HK$2,398

Excludes second pointer to reduce the noiseNot easy to lose colors with weldingRusting effect create..

4 different paintings with different wines are displayed on them Suitable to use as decorations..

Designed with rustic style and country housing colorsWith rough matter texture and exquisite carvi..
HK$2,513 HK$2,263

The wall decoration is made by wood, glass and card boards Natural oceanic corrosion trac..

Mediterranean style is refreshing and relaxing Different color combinations for dif..
HK$2,163 HK$1,948

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