Elegant and meticulous finishing which is worth keeping as a selection Country style with a str..

Twisted patterns on the columns and carvings on the base are elegant Man-made hourg..

Full of natural and countryside sensation Can be a decoration or a gift Superb pattern carvin..

Nordic Modern elegant lifestyleGives elegant and retro feeling when hanging in homeVery steady and s..

Large aircraft design draft with words describing the design The painting on the bo..
HK$2,423 HK$1,818

The idea of design is originated by the model of telephone in 1893 With extremely meticul..

With deliberately handcrafted antiqued effects With glamorous black and elegant gold colorsHan..

With several handcrafted antiqued steps such as varnishing, polishing for the natural effectsUnique..
HK$1,576 HK$1,183

This 1884 model telephone is the origin for Paris Eiffel tower The phone dialing zone is ..
HK$3,448 HK$3,103

Luxurious style with delicate carvingsVery Practical, can be used as ashtray, storage for jewelries ..

Sets of metal pendants will be included for installation Painted by experts with over ..

With different complex steps of antique techniques to ensure the product quality  Hi..

These tinplate cap wall ornaments contain seven styles of designStimulating well-known beer and dri..

This light board series contain three styles. Stimulating retro American industrial and rustic style..

Contains four colors for selection  With exquisite details of the fur and hair..

A Retrospect of our one of a kind items from the Famous Vintage Decades
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