Contains four types of animals in each colors There are four colors choice for selection  ..
HK$993 HK$893

Birds pattern on the birdcage to make it more lively 3 levels of shelves for placin..

Lotus shape with birds figures brings out fresh and aromaWith simple pattern and color pairing makes..

Old-fashioned style with appropriate antique workColor mix creates peaceful and relaxing atmospher..
HK$1,328 HK$1,196

Interesting and creative captions on the paintings 4 holes on the paintings for ins..
HK$1,013 HK$763

Unique design with 3 butterflies on sheet musicSublimate poetic and vital feeling Weight: 0.3 k..

Wooden and antiqued blue color that is elegant Can be cleaned by wet cloth to clear..

This set of 2 jars with birds and flowers painted on it is full of rustic styleBird outfit on the c..
HK$2,413 HK$2,173

Uneven coloring is normal in ceramics productThe patterns on bird and flower echo with each other to..

Mortise and tenon structure that require no hardware part to link the wood Black color wi..

With different complex steps of antique techniques to ensure the product quality  Hi..

Beautifully decorated gadgets, shells and fishing nets Scratches, friction, paint c..

Contains four colors for selection  Suitable size for decorating your home!   ..

A set of two tin plate paintings which contain a gentleman sketch and a lady sketchThe chipped paint..

The board is made with wood materialOnly can used to hang light stuff as the iron hooks are relativ..

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