The wooden surface is not smoothly-painted but with matte effect Detailed antiqued ..

Two cats are in different postures creating beauty of imbalance Materials used are ..
HK$1,226 HK$1,113

Collapsible for easily storage With handcrafted charred edge on every unique paining Wi..

With yellowed floral pattern frame which brings out feeling of fresh springAntiqued effects are inte..
HK$1,896 HK$1,706

Mediterranean-style with harmonious blue color creates a pleasant environmentWood grains are perfect..

Made by high-quality zinc alloy which brings out nice luster  With exquisite carving..
HK$6,253 HK$4,693

This set of 2 jars with birds and flowers painted on it is full of rustic styleBird outfit on the c..
HK$2,413 HK$2,173

With one layer of drawer and one swing door Antiqued work to stimulate the wood tra..

Vintage style with a natural and hand-made feeling and textureCan directly use water to clean as col..

Need to follow the instructions to install the cabinet Antiqued work on the surface..

Antiqued work on the edges to create rusting vintage feeling Imperfect surface is n..
HK$916 HK$826

Exquisite details of the crave of the hornThe lively facial expression makes this deer ornament ali..
HK$1,968 HK$1,773

Three styles of pattern for selection Collapsible for easily storageIntentionally charred edge ..

Suitable to use as decoration of bars Imperfect surface is normal for tinplate ..

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