About Us

Inspiring your Home Living

Our home are deeply connected with the stories of our lives. They hold the people, moments, and things we love the most. Royal Selects 1884 is a service facilitating you to discover and buy home decorations or gifts for your precious ones.


Using curated design collections, we tell new stories every day. Whether you are looking for an inspiration or a brand new wall, table decor, tune in for unique styles that fit your budget, Royal Selects is your best choice.


A Brand New Experience

We’re reinventing the way you shop for design inspiration. With original series, featuring recurring story lines, engaging hosts, and advice on everything from mixing patterns to throwing an unforgettable rooftop soiree, we invite you to experience home decorating like never before.


Enjoy the Hunt

We know as well as anyone that it takes time to pick new items for your home. That’s why we feature the most impressive pieces on an ongoing basis, so you don’t have to feel rushed to pick a new decor in 24 hours. Now, browse to your hearts content. Shopping is supposed to be fun!


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