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1916 Royal Sabre Antiqued Telephone

Horn handset for this 1916 Royal Sabre model is an indispensable classic Detailed logo carvings..


1919 Imperial Scepter Antiqued Telephone

Horn handset for this 1919 Imperial Scepter model is an indispensable classic  Dime..

HK$2,496 HK$2,246

1923 Luxurious Vintage Telephone

With exquisite carving details on the dialing zone With cloths around the cable the..


Angels Carving Resin Wall Decoration

Delicate carving of the angels show a lovely and elegant style Traces and lose of some pa..


Antiqued Vine Iron Clock

Unique design with leaves growing out from withered vines is full of vitalityVery steady and stable ..


Antiqued White Wooden Clock

Contour design is full of Paris romance style Details of the clock can reflect retro feelings ..

HK$1,053 HK$789

Carved Frame 60-minute Hourglass

Three-dimensional product that is royal and elegant Man-made hourglass may have sli..


Classical Carved Candlestick

Fine ceramics work to make the owl comes to lifeCan fit with Nordic, simple and neo-clas..


Continental Special Slogans Tinplate Painting Set

Antiqued work on the edges to create rusting vintage feeling Imperfect surface is n..

HK$916 HK$826

Country Style Antiqued Wooden Mirror

The wooden borders are high density wood materialsAdopt retro antiqued processes, including brushing..


Denmark King and Queen Resin Ornament Set

Vintage coloring and elegant molding to well-present the details of the clothing Well-cra..

HK$1,913 HK$1,436

Elegant Floral Ceramic Ashtray

Luxurious style with delicate carvingsVery Practical, can be used as ashtray, storage for jewelries ..


Elegant Snowflake Shaped Platter

Inspired by the shape of snowflake to create a elegant, pure atmosphereThe snowflake shaped plates a..


Emerald Green Antiqued Wall Clock

With different complex steps of antique techniques to ensure the product quality  Hi..


European Alloy Silver-plated Candle Holder

Sliver-plated color is elegant and romantic With 5 candle holders  sublimating..

HK$1,368 HK$1,026