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Antiqued Cadet Blue Storage

Geometry shapes of mirror on the door which gives out luxurious feeling  Proper size..


Bronze Dragonfly Rhombus Patterned Jewelry Box

With class brown and bronze colors which is graceful and stylish  With crocodile str..


Chinese Hand-Colored Bedside Cabinet

Light blue gradient wishful butterfly floral pattern on the cabinet Antiqued white ..

HK$17,763 HK$13,323

Chinese Hand-Painted Plum Flower Vase Bedside Cabinet

Delicate plum flower vase painting on the cabinet Complicated handcraft work with 3..

HK$13,166 HK$11,853

Chinese Hand-rubbed Flat-painted Bedside Cabinet

Mortise and tenon structure that require no hardware part to link the wood Black color wi..


Chinese Style Lotus Ink Painting

The painting is produced with high-quality oil paint, linen canvas and wooden frameA set of metal pe..

HK$2,833 HK$2,553

Emerald Green Butterfly Pattern Ceramic Vase

Contains two sizes for selection With hand-glazed and temperature-fired ceramic craft for..

HK$1,446 HK$1,303

Landscape Abstract Art Oil Painting Set

Sets of metal pendants will be included for installation Painted by experts with over ..


Oriental Carving Iron Wall Frame

Contains two colors, ivory white and olive green for selection  With vintage carving..


Simple Classic Ceramic Plate

The birds and butterfly patterns are lively and vitalWith elegant blue and wavy edge which create a ..