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Schlitz Beer Tinplate Painting Set

Keeps your memories about this classical brand of beer   Dimensions (each piece):..


Simple Classic Suitcase

Contains two sizes for selection Can be used as display props, decoration or a prac..


Sophisticated Black Vintage Typewriter Iron Miniature

This nostalgic typewriter surely brings up memories not only for your parents, but also you..


Stamp Chop and Floral Patterned Luggage Set

Three sizes are provided for selectionContains a small suitcase and a practical luggage in a setWith..

HK$2,818 HK$2,116

Stimulated Violin Iron Miniature

With careful antiqued work, , the purely handmade violin reflects a strong classic vin..

HK$1,223 HK$1,103

Three-dimensional Frame Wood Hook

Made from real wood and is tough and durableAnti-rusting and with smooth textureMulti-purpose for..


Three-dimensional Relief Angel Resin Wall Clock

Quiet running of the clock pointersNever lose color and can be directly washed by waterSimple design..


Tinplate Cap Ornament

These tinplate cap wall ornaments contain seven styles of designStimulating well-known beer and dri..


US Classic Metallic Military Plane Model

Nobody is born to be a winner.This model of a classic war plane symbolizes bravery and determination..


Victorian Agenoria Sewing Machine Iron Model

Considered the world’s most beautiful sewing machine in 1870, this model surely lived out t..

HK$1,358 HK$1,223

Vinatge Bird Metallic Wall Clock

Excludes second pointer to reduce the noiseNot easy to lose colors with weldingRusting effect create..


Vintage Aircraft Junkers Ju 52 Iron Miniature

Junkers Ju 52 is also named as D-A QUI,  a heroic aircraft Retro classic aircraft im..

HK$1,453 HK$1,093

Vintage Audrey Kathleen and Marilyn Monroe Tinplate Painting Set

Antiqued work on the edge and black and white photo sublimate vintage feeling Imperfect ..


Vintage Bar Style Tinplate Painting

Suitable to use as decoration of bars Imperfect surface is normal for tinplate ..


Vintage Bar Style Wine Tinplate Painting

4 different paintings with different wines are displayed on them Suitable to use as decorations..