Decorative Accessories

Decorative Accessories

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1898 Royal Spyker Carriage Iron Miniature

Made with thickened tin plate and painted manually Using classical color combinatio..

HK$1,646 HK$1,236

4 Mediterranean-style Sailboat Wooden Ornament Set

A set of 4 different color combinations to produce different styles of sailboats Hand-mad..


90s Retro Television with Antenna Iron Miniature

  Dimensions: (L) 23 cm x (W) 19 cm x (H) 66 cm Weight: 1.8 kg (2.8..

HK$1,943 HK$1,458

American Antiqued Lighthouse Wooden Ornament

Lighthouse is stimulating Mediterranean sea style Careful antiqued work of wood, in..


American Chess Sealed Glass Jar Set

Chess outfit sealing cover made with resin Imperfect surface is normal for man-made..

HK$1,943 HK$1,748

American Country Style Wooden Photo Frame

Can hang on wall and also put on table Strong Vintage feeling by artificial traces and sc..

HK$818 HK$736

American Double Piston Aircraft Iron Miniature

This movable propeller plane model includes four stunning colors for selectionPurely handmade from i..


American Garden Carved Seabird Resin Ornament

Grey white color tone produces vintage and countryside feeling Imperfect coloring i..


American Garden Squirrel Resin Sculpture Set

Little squirrel sculptures help to decorate your home as an indoor gardenThe grains in detail show ..


American Musical Notes Iron Bookend

Musical notes outfit that is elegant and artistic Imperfect surface is normal for h..


American Retro Gear Resin Bookends

Rusting effect with texture stimulating wood Strong industrial style that is retro ..

HK$1,263 HK$948

American Rural style Rabbit Glass Jar

American Rural style decorations inside the glass jarWith different sizes and style of rabbits insi..


American Rural Style Wooden-based Glass Jar

With detailed stimulation of forest backgroundThe products can create heartfelt intimacy ..


American Rustic Bird Resin Bookend

Unique modelling and simple styleBirds with meticulous crafting are lovely and livelyA little rough..