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Photo Frame

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American Country Style Wooden Photo Frame

Can hang on wall and also put on table Strong Vintage feeling by artificial traces and sc..

HK$818 HK$736

American-style Angel Resin Photo Frame

Two choices that can put in one or three photos An angel lying on top of the photo frame that i..


American-Style Antiqued Red Wooden Photo Frame

The color is in dark red, which has strong taste of vintage Compatible with photos ..


Angel Wings with Crown Iron Photo Frame

Careful crafting of the angel wings fur texture Beige color to stimulate wooden tex..

HK$983 HK$738

Antiqued Golden-edge Wooden Photo Frame

Made with wood materials that have strong three-dimensional effect and a rich texture Ant..


Blue Rhombus-pattern Cattle Bone Photo Frame

Made with cattle bone with wooden edges Blue rhombus pattern stimulating ethnic style White a..

HK$1,533 HK$1,153

Japanese-style Retro Flower Printing Photo Frame

Scrubbing surface that is slightly anti-water Can be placed on surface or hanged on..


Pastoral Rose Resin Photo Frame

Reliefs on the surface of the photo frame creating strong three-dimensional effect The co..


Retro Garden Green Resin Photo Frame - for 6 inch photo

Elegant design with delicate carvingsCan also be used as ornaments, wedding gifts or birthday giftsW..


Retro Handcraft Oil Painting Photo Frame

Frame is made with solid wood with oil painting on it Processed by antiqued treatments in..


Retro Handmade Rhinestone Photo Frame

Solid wood frame with diamond enamel on surface Using antiqued, manual oil-painting and h..


Retro Television Metallic Photo Frame

Manual welding of all the parts and antiqued work Included a metallic stand to supp..

HK$726 HK$653

Zakka-style Retro Wooden Photo Frame

On top of the wooden frame, there is three-dimensional carved resin Traces and ..


Zakka-style Window Wooden Photo Frame

The windows on the two side can be closed to cover the photo Compatible with photos..