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American Musical Notes Iron Bookend

Musical notes outfit that is elegant and artistic Imperfect surface is normal for h..


American Retro Gear Resin Bookends

Rusting effect with texture stimulating wood Strong industrial style that is retro ..

HK$1,263 HK$948

American Rustic Bird Resin Bookend

Unique modelling and simple styleBirds with meticulous crafting are lovely and livelyA little rough..


American Rustic Fuguiniao Resin Bookend

Outfit of Fuguiniao is elegant and beautiful Old-fashioned style sublimate artistic effect Hi..

HK$1,243 HK$1,118

Continental Antiqued Chess Resin Bookend

Antiqued rusting silvery surface brings back to the old times Elegant  and polished ..


Continental Retro Butterfly Resin Bookend

Durable, tough and non- toxic materials usedThe combination of colors gives a soft and elegant ..


Continental Terrestrial Globe Resin Bookend

Color mix sublimate vintage styleDelicate hand-painting brings a metallic sensation to the globesWei..

HK$1,296 HK$973

Country Style Cats Resin Bookend

Two cats are in different postures creating beauty of imbalance Materials used are ..

HK$1,226 HK$1,113

Egyptian Bastet Resin Bookend

Bastet was changed from a lioness-goddess to cat-goddess Patterns are hand-painted ..


Imposing Gold and Silver Eagles Bookend

With exquisite details on the feathers and the eyes of the eagle Can be used as bookend, ..


Mediterranean-style Ship Deck Iron Bookend

Careful antiqued work with old-fashioned words and iron texture Suitable for multip..