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1898 Royal Spyker Carriage Iron Miniature

Made with thickened tin plate and painted manually Using classical color combinatio..

HK$1,646 HK$1,236

4 Mediterranean-style Sailboat Wooden Ornament Set

A set of 4 different color combinations to produce different styles of sailboats Hand-mad..


90s Retro Television with Antenna Iron Miniature

  Dimensions: (L) 23 cm x (W) 19 cm x (H) 66 cm Weight: 1.8 kg (2.8..

HK$1,943 HK$1,458

American Double Piston Aircraft Iron Miniature

This movable propeller plane model includes four stunning colors for selectionPurely handmade from i..


Antiqued Gramophone Iron Miniature

This miniature is imitated by the most popular furnishing, the gramophone in the 19th centu..


Antiqued Keystone Projector 1920s Iron Model

Used in the late 1800s and early 1900s, this retro movie projector has displayed thousands of movies..

HK$1,383 HK$1,246

Classy Stanley Motor Carriage Iron Model

This classy steam car may still be used in some countries, and carries a retro atmosphere wherever ..


First Mercedes Benz Motorwagen Iron Simulation

This car model is stimulating the first design of Benz introduced Three-wheel vehicle was..


German Baron Bi-Plane Airplane Iron Miniature

This mini replica of the military German Baron Plane once flew over the European continents..


German Stylish Vintage Steam Car Iron Miniature

This vintage steam car appeared in various classical movies and television shows Made with mova..


Handmade Antiqued Sailboat Wood Ornament

Mediterranean oceanic vintage style product Cotton are used to make the canvas ..


Harley Davidson Motorbike Iron Replica

This model will surely replicate the attraction it has gained from all men of historyWith hand-asse..

HK$1,333 HK$1,203

Historical Kodak Camera in Tripod Iron Model

The handmade classic 1904 Kodak Camera in Tripod has its antique and authentic look a..

HK$3,786 HK$2,843

Jenny JN-7H Classic Barnstormer Plane Iron Miniature

The Jenny JN-7H classic Barnstormer Plane reflects the spirit of the fighterWith stunning movable w..


London Double Decker Bus Iron Miniature

Once considered the future of public transport, this classic bus has surely made a huge imp..