Glass Bell Jar

Glass Bell Jar

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American Chess Sealed Glass Jar Set

Chess outfit sealing cover made with resin Imperfect surface is normal for man-made..

HK$1,943 HK$1,748

American Rural style Rabbit Glass Jar

American Rural style decorations inside the glass jarWith different sizes and style of rabbits insi..


American Rural Style Wooden-based Glass Jar

With detailed stimulation of forest backgroundThe products can create heartfelt intimacy ..


American Transparent Glass Jar with Plush Lotus

Glass jar with 1 box of white conch, 1 box of lions cameo shell and 1 plush lotusCan be used to..


American Transparent Glass Jar with Rose

Glass jar with 2 boxes of white conch and 1 painting roseCan be used to store sweets, dried fruit, a..


American Transparent Tall Glass Vase

Universal color with transparent glassUnique shape with special attention paid to the craving workAd..


European Countryside Glass Jar

The modelling is elegant and engagingAdd abstract elements to lifelike design Dimensions: (Dia)..

HK$1,588 HK$1,413

European Vintage Animal Glass Jar

Universal color with transparent glass bottleLively animal creates a natural atmosphere ..


Floating House Rope Handle Glass Ornaments

Pure but not simple design and with classic details Decoration of flowers and leaves are realis..


Geometric Glass Furnishings

Three styles with different sea featuresShells inside the glass jar to imitate oceanColor mix create..


Green Plant Geometry Glass Jar

3 choices with different plants inside the jar Imperfect surface is normal in man-m..


Nordic Creative Glass Craftwork

Use of golfers sublimates the sense of life enjoyment Classic and elegant style  ..