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1893 Classic Cylindrical Telephone

The idea of design is originated by the model of telephone in 1893 With extremely meticul..


1911 Peace Eagle Model Telephone

With meticulous carving of the peace eagle on the base partMade by genuine oak and high-quality zinc..


1916 Royal Sabre Antiqued Telephone

Horn handset for this 1916 Royal Sabre model is an indispensable classic Detailed logo carvings..


1919 Imperial Scepter Antiqued Telephone

Horn handset for this 1919 Imperial Scepter model is an indispensable classic  Dime..

HK$2,496 HK$2,246

1923 Luxurious Vintage Telephone

With exquisite carving details on the dialing zone With cloths around the cable the..


1933 Superb Gorgeous Telephone

Made by high-quality zinc alloy which brings out nice luster  With exquisite carving..

HK$6,253 HK$4,693

1949 Retro Antiqued Telephone

Emulating the model of white house telephone in 1949  High-quality metal is used ..


Elegant Carved Oak Telephone

Contains two gorgeous styles, bronze rose patterned and brown butterfly patterned for selec..


European Antiqued Black and Gold Telephone

This model is 1920 automatic dialing telephoneThe phone dialing zone is made with zinc alloy enablin..


European Antiqued Black Telephone

Telephone line is produced with high-quality resin Only function as traditional tel..


European Antiqued Telephone With Metal Rotating Plane

This 1884 model telephone is the origin for Paris Eiffel tower The phone dialing zone is ..

HK$3,448 HK$3,103